Int. Indian Rally 2019

Dear Indian Riders,
International Indian Rally 2019 brings International Indian Tribe together, a tribe that is united by Springfield made Indian Motocycles. The Rally will be held 26.-28.7.2019 in Finland, near Tampere. We are expecting participants all over the globe, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

We welcome all Indian Riders to a fun-filled adventure to the Land of Thousands Lakes. The IIR 2019 will take place in a beautiful and safe lakeside venue in the middle of the most beautiful Southern Finland, The Ellivuori Resort.
Ellivuori Resort has first-rate restaurant services, and there is high class rooms or cabins available for everybody. The Ellivuori Resort is reserved for the Indian Rally participants for the weekend. 
Of course you can also camp in a tent, if that is what you like. Electricity is available for mobile homes and trailers in few spots, and there is a separate trailer park in the area with all facilities, on your own expense. 
International Indian Rally 2019 offers you several experiences:
– Traditional finnish Sauna is available and of course swimming in an unpolluted lake 
– Sauna Raft and a boat trip (not included in rally fee)
– Saturday Ride in beautiful countryside with few stops
– Live bands on Friday and Saturday night (a´la roots / rock’n’roll)
– Meeting of new and old friends in a laid-back atmosphere
– We also offer help in minor mechanical problems, if those arise

The area is also suitable for longer vacation / visit. There are quite many family-friendly activities available: Mountain biking, hiking, paddling and fishing for example.
City of Tampere offers culture and urban activities. It is about 50km’s to Tampere from the Rally site. If you decide to Visit Tampere, Museum Centre Vapriikki is a must.

You can find fine less crowded routes to the Rally by choosing smaller roads through the countryside. Gas stations can be found quite frequently even by the smaller roads. 
We urge you to remember to pack also your swimming trunks / -suit.

Welcome to a memorable trip to Finland.
Tapio Koskinen
President, Indian Motocycle Club of Finland